Theatre and TV

I have extensive experience working with designers and stylists on a wide variety of theatrical projects including TV, music videos, charity events and for London’s top attractions.

If you would like to commission something or work together on a project then please get in touch, I would love to hear from you!

Below is a small snippet of jobs I have worked on…

Velour felt Top Hats for the Channel 4 show The Year of the Rabbit. Costume Design by Rosa Dias

Collaborating with stylist Hayley McDonald to make these large headpieces for a Kanye West video.

Working with stylists to create 3 hats to feature in this advertisment.

Felt hat designed and made for the ‘Inspired by….’ exhibition at the V&A.

Commissioned as part of John Boyd Hats to design and make an animal mask for the Elephant Family Royal Masked Ball which raised £600,000 for the charity.

Three bright and bold headpieces made for the cabaret act ShooShooBaby.