A Spot of Vintage Modelling!

I played many roles whilst working as Designer/Maker at John Boyd Hats. Here I am modelling our Vintage Collection, all beautiful newly made hats using some of the amazing treasures that My Boyd had collected over the years, some spanning back pre-war. The detail and quality of these raffias are so inspiring in themselves, itContinue reading “A Spot of Vintage Modelling!”

A Perfect Showstopper for the Races

I absolutely loved making this piece whilst working at John Boyd Hats in Knightsbridge. Mr B gave us such creative freedom not to mention the incredible materials we had on tap that he’d been collecting since the 1940s! I made this piece by hand sculpting vintage striped crinoline with added crin edge (for extra drama)Continue reading “A Perfect Showstopper for the Races”