Same block, different hats

Here is an example of the endless possibilities available when it comes to making hats when you let your creativity flow.

For these hats firstly I made the hat block which is the base shape all these hats are formed on. I did this by adjusting a sharp brim block which I then made into this Ascot style dish shape.

From there I created these four hats over the time I was working at John Boyds. As you can see they are all very different, using a variety of materials, colour combinations and trimmings, and I’m sure there are hundreds more styles waiting to be made!

Something a little different

It’s always fascinating working with a new material. The possibilities seem endless and at the same time the fabric often dictates what you make, creating a lovely two way creative relationship between the maker and material. This was the case with this neon plastic, I really enjoyed figuring out how to make the flowers using some tried and tested techniques and adapting them to create something elegant and sophisticated with a fun element, something a little different.

Hats designed and made for John Boyd Hats. Model photo Garry Rigby