How to choose and wear your hat

It’s officially racing season! Getting dressed up in your finery and wearing a fabulous hat is all part if the joy of going to the races and you can really go to town with your hat!

Here are a few tips I’ve picked up over the last 8 years helping clients with their outfits.

How to choose your hat-

1) Generally it is good to have your dress/outfit first and to match the hat style and colour to suit.

2) Take your outfit with you and make sure when you are trying on a hat to stand back from the mirror and see yourself from head to toe. It’s good to get the whole silhouette so you can see if the hat shape and style compliments your outfit and remember others see you more from a distance so tiny details don’t always matter.

3) The size and style of the hat you choose will be determined by the cut of your clothes (and you!) If like me you aren’t very tall then it’s nice to elongate yourself by choosing a hat that has a bit of height, this could be simply a few tall feathers! Try a hat with a wide brim if you want to balance out shoulders and slim the waist and again you can always tilt it to one side to create more height if needed (straight on brims are especially good with a 50s style dress or trouser suit!)

4) Most importantly choose a hat that you really love and that reflects your personality, you don’t necessarily need to follow trends it’s more important to feel good in what you are wearing and then you will stand tall and enjoy the experience!

5) Finally have FUN trying on all the hats! It’s an occasion in itself.

How to wear your hat

1) Hats look their best when worn with confidence and at the right angle. Once the hat is secure tip it to the right and a little forward so it sits just above the right eyebrow, try to avoid perching a hat directly on the top of your head (unless it’s meant to be this way or has a crown and brim) as the hat can loose it’s flattering line.

2) To wear a hat confidently it needs to feel comfortable and secure… you want to be able to forget you are wearing it and so you can relax and enjoy yourself and not be holding onto it all day!

3) Once you have the elastic in place and you have done the head wobble test to make sure it’s secure then simply run a comb along the elastic or wires to pull the hair over to hide the fastenings. You can put your hair up over the band or slide the wires into the hair to hide it, it helps if they are coloured to match your hair.

And now enjoy wearing your new hat !!

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