Something a little different

It’s always fascinating working with a new material. The possibilities seem endless and at the same time the fabric often dictates what you make, creating a lovely two way creative relationship between the maker and material. This was the case with this neon plastic, I really enjoyed figuring out how to make the flowers using some tried and tested techniques and adapting them to create something elegant and sophisticated with a fun element, something a little different.

Hats designed and made for John Boyd Hats. Model photo Garry Rigby

A Spot of Vintage Modelling!

I played many roles whilst working as Designer/Maker at John Boyd Hats. Here I am modelling our Vintage Collection, all beautiful newly made hats using some of the amazing treasures that My Boyd had collected over the years, some spanning back pre-war. The detail and quality of these raffias are so inspiring in themselves, it was wonderful to bring them back to life with a modern twist. Oh and the photographer for this shoot? Head Milliner and now owner Sarah Marshal. We were a multi talented team 🙂

The Humble Beginnings

This hat has a special place in my heart as it was the very first hat I made and where the adventure began! It’s fair to say that Millinery has taken me on quite a journey. I have met so many talented and interesting people and made some life long friends not to mention the opportunity to learn such a wonderful craft, memories to cherish!

This particular hat is made using vintage liberty fabric and I just love the colours! Where did your dreams begin?